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Commission-based selling

Technology + human resource solution to promote and finalize the sale of products by monitoring the location through GPS and, with lower cost than the market. Receive personalized dashboards in real time.

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Eliminate your fixed costs, hire only what you need.
Training staff takes time

Training your staff and placing them in the field takes time and is costly.

High costs

The costs of the seller's market are high.

Control over promoters is lost

With traditional agencies, it is not possible to know the location of the promoters in the field.

Lack of information on activities

Traditional agencies do not provide real time information about the activities of the promoters.

Increase and promote your sales with Zubale

Through independent commission-based sellers, promote your products and increase your sales quickly.


Skilled users to promote and publicize your product.


Pay per sale made by our independent sellers.


Make your product known and carry out the whole sales process.


Online trainings

Thanks to our online training platform, we can quickly and effectively train resources.


Within 72 hours you have resources in the field.

Real-time information

Custom Dashboard that allows you to view real-time field execution information.

Geolocation of resources with GPS

We guarantee that the resource is located in the location of your choice.


With online training and geolocation we guarantee the quality of the service.

Low costs

Pay per sale with the lowest hourly promotion cost in the market.

Large companies already work with Zubale

Grow your business with our model

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