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In-store merchandising

Developer solution with a 100% variable pay-for-performance model focused on more efficient and excellence-driven execution.

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Traditional point-of-sale execution models will not allow you to remain competitive.
Manual processes

Schemes that rely entirely on manual human processes are prone to error and fraud.

Lack of reliable and structured visibility of implementation

Powerpoint or excel reports with images that do not serve their purpose.

High costs due to current structure

Conventional promoter solutions fall under multiple headings of inefficient administrative and financial burden for companies.

You need several allies to operate

You need different companies to provide the components of your execution model. From the manpower to the data programme for decision making.

No alignment of incentives

Promoters are not results-oriented in execution as they receive almost all of their fixed compensation.

Implement a flexible point-of-sale execution strategy and gain granular and reliable visibility of your operation.

Our technology and qualified independent collaborators will give you a scalable, efficient, and results-oriented model.

In-store merchandising

Independent collaborators that will take the product from the warehouse or storage, clean and stock shelves, update prices and report out-of-stock products.


Pay for performance

Pay only for well-done tasks, which we review through 4 quality filters.

Real-time data

Receive insights on price, shelf space, out-of-stock and expired products through a real-time dashboard.


Number of stores, frequency of visits, and SKUs.

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