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We complement your in-store operation

On-demand point-of-sale tasks: product stocking, sales promotion, reception and return of merchandise, warehouse stocking - No need to hire permanent staff.

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Hiring fixed seasonal staffs is slow, costly and inefficient.
High recruitment and training times for seasonal staff.
Permanent staff work on a daily basis, not on productivity.
Fixed Staff is Costly: Salaries, Social charges, Payroll and asset management + Labour liabilities.

Operate your shops and shop rooms with Zubale

Staff on demand + pay per task performed.

Boost sales

Boost the movement of your products at the point of sale.

Storage of goods

Run your shops with staff on demand.

Warehousing jobs

Complement your in-store logistics operation.


Higher productivity vs. permanent staff
No fixed costs. Payment only per task performed
Nationwide coverage with minimum time to apply for service
Flexibility in days, times, seasons, etc.

Large companies already work with Zubale

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