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Supermarket performance auditing

Complete solution of technology + human resources to audit the execution of your products at the point of sale.

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Execution is everything - guarantee it.
Some supermarkets are internalising the promoters

Brands lose control of in-store execution.

Brands are losing control over the execution

In some supermarkets, brands now rely on third parties to carry out in-store promotion.

High costs

Conventional promoter solutions fall under multiple headings of inefficient administrative and financial burden for companies.

Audit information is not real time

You need different companies to provide the components of your execution model. From the manpower to the data programme for decision making.

Audit the performance of your brands in supermarkets with Zubale

independent collaborators to audit your brands + real-time dashboard.

Point of sale audit

Verification of prices and planograms displays, review of out-of-stocks and expired products obtaining extra-negotiated displays.


Real-time visibility of the your execution to launch corrective actions
Receive data with evidence to work on performance improvements with the supermarket.
Flexibility with an independent collaborator model for coverage of different regions and frequencies
Increase your return on investment by having visibility into the performance of the plans you pay for.

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