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Who we are

We are an international technology company that provides the critical infrastructure to enable brands and retailers to win in eCommerce.

Through our marketplace of independent partners and technical integrations, we empower our clients across the back-end of their eCommerce operations to have better fulfilment rates, improve execution times and increase NPS.

In the last year, Zubale completed more than 3 million jobs in 90 cities and 16,800 shops. We operate in Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica and are scaling in Latin America. Co-founders Allison Campbell and Sebastian Monroy met during their Harvard MBA and are retail experts with extensive experience at Walmart and P&G in Latin America, Africa, India and China.

Our history

Zubale was founded in Boston in 2018, by Allison and Sebastian, two Harvard MBA students. Allison had almost 8 years of experience working at Walmart as a merchandise manager and as director of international strategic initiatives (in India and China), while Sebastian spent more than 7 years working in various positions at Procter & Gamble Mexico. 

Together, they identified a huge opportunity in leveraging technology to revolutionize the way brands drive retail execution to achieve greater sales in Latin America, in turn generating thousands of self-employment opportunities in the region. 

As the Zubale team grew, we started operations in other Latin American countries, offering solutions for brands and retailers and betting on the local talent of hundreds of Zubaleros.

Our Mission Statement

Empower brands and retailers to be more competitive by providing technology that connects them with independent collaborators.

Work at Zubale

As the Zubale team continues to grow, we are looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for building new and different projects.

Programmers, designers, project managers and more.
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