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Intellectual Property.

The Intellectual Property of the Platform and its operation to achieve the provision of the Services through the Platform is the exclusive property of the Provider. This includes the entire software, its parts, as well as any distinctive signs, including, but not limited to the trademark, the name, the logo, and/or any of its components.

It is forbidden to copy and/or distribute all or part of the software owned by the Supplier, even if the purpose of such copying is a non-profit activity. The Provider's software is for the Member's own use and, consequently, is non-transferable in any way and in any form whatsoever. It is the Member's obligation to keep his/her user name and password secret and shall be liable for any misuse of the Platform by any third party.

Use of information.

The Provider reserves the right to use the information collected during registration to the Platform and the information generated or derived from the use of the Platform. The registration information is used primarily to facilitate communication and contact between the Partner and the User.

Use of cookies.

The Provider Platform uses its own and third party cookies in order to: (i) optimize the services offered, (ii) offer a better browsing experience to the Member and/or User, and (iii) provide information of all kinds to the Member and/or User in accordance with their preferences.

These cookies can be of various types: 1) By their duration: (i) session cookie, that is, those that only remain active while the Associate and/or registered User makes use of a particular web space, allowing to identify the Associate and/or User in order to personalize their experience. At the end of the session, this cookie will disappear without being stored on the hard drive of the device, (ii) permanent cookie, that is, one programmed directly by the Platform in order to track the Associate and / or User each time a new visit is generated. 2) For its purpose: (i) essential or technical cookies, that is, those essential to ensure proper navigation, allowing the correct traffic and data recognition, (ii) customization cookies, those that store the preferences of a certain device such as language, browser type, the characteristics of the portal depending on the place in the world from which you access it, etc., (iii) analysis cookies, those that allow the creation of a browsing profile for the Member and/or User, analyzing their behavior and preferences, and (iv) advertising cookies, that is, those used for own or third party marketing campaigns, aimed at informing the Member and/or User of products and/or services in spaces previously defined by the Provider for this purpose. These cookies can be behavioral, that is, they are designed to store information about the frequent visits of the Associate and/or User and the continuous observation of their browsing habits, this in turn, allows you to create a profile to display advertising according to the analysis performed.

Therefore, the Member and/or User agrees that the Platform may use cookies to collect information about their interaction on the Platform. In any case, the Member and/or User may choose to visit the Provider's Platform without cookies by setting their browser to reject all cookies, or to alert them when a cookie is created. (Each browser is different, so you should consult the "Help" menu of your browser to find out how to change your cookie preferences). Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you cancel the use of Cookies for your browser, you agree that you will not be able to take advantage of many of the Platform's features, and you agree that your use of the Platform may be impacted.


The Member and/or User represents and warrants (i) that he/she has the legal capacity to use the Platform and to contract with the Provider, (ii) that he/she has read the entire Terms and Conditions, (iii) that he/she accepts the Terms and Conditions in their entirety and agrees to abide by them.