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We complement your operation in Warehouses and Distribution Centers.

Complete solution of technology + flexible human resources for different types of manual work - truck unloading, inventory control, merchandise sorting, product reception, among others.

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Eliminate your fixed costs, hire only what you need.
Marked seasonality of consumption

The need in CEDIS/Wineries is not the same all year round.

Having your own staff is expensive

The fixed cost of having a staff is very high.

High contracting times

Each recruitment takes an average of 2 weeks.

Little flexibility

Having your own staff, it is very complex to reduce/increase based on the need of the season.

We take care of your operation in Bodega

On-demand users + charge per task performed + flexibility to choose what, how much and when we operate.

Truck Unloading

Freelancers who support you with unloading trucks - Variable pay per task performed / truck unloaded.

Inventory Management

Freelancers to support you with your inventory control - Variable pay per task performed / area checked.

Merchandise Accommodation

Freelance workers who support you with the arrangement of your merchandise in the warehouse, assembly and disassembly of pallets, and picking of merchandise in the warehouse- Variable payment per task performed / sector accommodated.



You decide:
When - Dates of high demand.
What - Tasks to be done.
How much - Number of users you need.

Real-time information

Access to information about what is being done: attendances, tasks, evidences.

Increase your productivity

We do more tasks per day than a permanent resource.

Response time

Minimum time to change required volume, type of task to be performed, etc.

No more fixed costs

Pay only for the tasks that are executed.

Large companies already use Zubale

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