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We reinvent the last mile of your e-commerce

Complete technology + delivery solution with flexible human resources so you can focus on your business.

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Consumers expect delivery within hours. Don't stay behind.
Covid accelerated e-commerce

More and more people are choosing to do their shopping online. The channel is growing by more than 30% every year.

Traditional solutions have little coverage

Most logistics companies only have coverage in major cities.

Owning your own fleet is expensive

Maintaining your own infrastructure to compete with these services is very complex, expensive and requires a lot of experience.

Customers expect speed

Customers expect delivery within hours, and are willing to pay for it.

Operate your e-commerce with Zubale

Technology + Picking + Delivery with independent collaborators to process your orders.


Independent, motorised drivers who deliver your orders in less than 35 minutes.

Same day

Independent collaborators who pick, pack and deliver your orders in less than 3 hours. Variable payment per order. Deliveries by motorbike and car.

Next day

Independent collaborators who deliver your orders scheduled for the next day, with optimal routes and multiple deliveries.
Deliveries in cars and vans.


The data is always yours

The customer never finds out that you have Zubale's support for the picking and delivery of their orders.

Order traceability

You and your customers have full, real-time visibility of order status. All made possible with the latest technology.

Insured goods

We take care of insuring the value of the goods transported by our independent collaborators.

Variable cost

Your costs are 100% variable as you pay only per delivered order.

Resolves demand peaks

Our platform also allows you to have greater flexibility to meet fluctuations in demand.

National coverage

We have zubaleros all over the country, and we are constantly training and adding new collaborators.

Technical integration

We integrate technically with your systems in order to optimize the logistic processes, from picking to delivery.

Order Routing

We use technology to identify optimal routes for delivery drivers, generating greater efficiencies.

Large supermarkets already work with Zubale

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