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We build the future of work

We connect brands and retailers with trained independent workers through technology.

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Our Solutions

E-Commerce fulfillment

We connect retailers and supermarkets with freelancers to pick and/or deliver e-commerce orders. We deliver in a matter of hours, same day, or next day, increasing your customer satisfaction and reducing your last mile costs.

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In-Store Jobs

We connect brands with independent merchandisers to improve in-store execution and increase your product sales. Pay per task executed and get real-time data.

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In-store jobs

We connect retailers and brands with freelancers for different tasks in stores, warehouses or warehouses. Increase your flexibility, reduce costs and have flexibility of staff supply.

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Benefits of the Zubale model

Increase ROI

With our technology we review and approve each of the jobs done on our platform. Pay only for jobs well done and optimize your budget.

Variable labor costs

This is the future of work. We connect your company with on demand trained independent workers that get paid by completed job. Fully variable costs.


We fit to your needs. It doesn't matter how many stores, the number of products you have or the frequency you require.

Industries we serve

CPG Brands

We take care of your products in the shops: Catalogue on display, shelf space, prices and cleaning.


We operate your e-commerce. Shoppers, pickers or deliverers in our ecommerce suite.


We operate your e-commerce. Shoppers, pickers or deliverers in our ecommerce suite.


We cover your needs for loading and unloading merchandise, warehouse work and commission sales.


We operate your homes with trained deliverers so you can serve your consumer without intermediaries.

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