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We build the future of work

We connect brands and retailers with trained independent workers through technology.

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Companies that trust us

E-commerce fulfillment

Increase e-commerce customers satisfaction, own your data and lower your costs with Zubale shoppers, pickers and delivery.

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Increase your sales with sales excellent execution, in more stores, paying for performance and having real time insights.

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In-store jobs

Increase your labor productivity, lower your costs and have staffing flexibility with Zubale warehouse workers and sales promoters.

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Zubale in Latin America


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Why clients choose us?


Our technology connects brands and retailers with trained independent workers. Think in Uber.

Real time. On demand.

Digital trainings

With our technology independent workers get trained digitally, approve knowledge quizzes and get certified for specific jobs.


With our state of the art APIs we help you staff the right independent worker, in the right place, at the right time. Automatically.

Real-time dashboards

Track our services performance real time with our proprietary dashboards. Take real time decisions and grow your business.

Artificial Intelligence

We have developed imaged recognition capabilities to ensure execution quality in jobs completed in our platform.

fullfillment suite

Increase your customer satisfaction with improved on-time and fill rates.

With our e-commerce fulfillment suite you not only have access to our independent shoppers, pickers or delivery but also to our proprietary software for picking and delivery automation plus a real time control tower.

We integrate with your order management system and backend. Operate as a last miller owning your customer and data.

Why are they choosing us?


Increase ROI

With our technology we review and approve each of the jobs completed in our platform. As a result, you pay for performance and drive budget efficiencies.

Variable labor costs

This is the future of work. We connect your company with on demand trained independent workers that get paid by completed job. Fully variable costs.


We fit to your needs. It doesn't matter how many stores, the number of products you have or the frequency you require.

Industries we serve

CPG Brands

We take care of your products in the shops: Catalogue on display, shelf space, prices and cleaning.


We operate your e-commerce. Shoppers, pickers or deliverers in our ecommerce suite.


We operate your e-commerce. Shoppers, pickers or deliverers in our ecommerce suite.

Light industrial

We cover your needs for loading and unloading merchandise, warehouse work and commission sales.


We operate your homes with trained deliverers so you can serve your consumer without intermediaries.

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